The Xhexzander

King Weirdo


I never make the same mistakes twice

I make them three, four or five times just to be sure. 


Ask for Money. Get Advice

Ask for Advice. Get Money Twice

The Xhexzander may be out of the house for a while… 

Got to finish my studies. 

😢 Sad. I’ll miss y’all 


When you think about it long and hard enough, you realize everything is a sexual innuendo. 


Poor Kronos

It’s a pity Kronos wasn’t a better Dad. 

Just imagine all the Titanic jokes he could have told his kids. 

Jokes of Titanic proportion 

Fall Out Boy 😍 

I slept in last night’s clothes

And tomorrow’s dreams 

But they’re not quite what they seem 

I’m very handsome at night or whenever it’s particularly dark

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