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Adventures of Xhex

So this guy walked up to me the other evening and was all like…

Hey, Fine girl. How are you? 

I don’t know whether to feel insulted or offended. 

Sigh. We all had a good laugh about it afterwards, after I pointed my smartphone at my face. 

Need to start doing some sit-ups 

If being too handsome was a crime, I’d probably be the prosecuting attorney 

Girl Trouble 

Apparently, a girl’s voice becomes more high-pitched when she speaks to a guy she likes. 

That explains why every girl I talk to sounds like Darth Vader. 

I’m a gentleman. I brush my teeth before making phone calls. 


I never make the same mistakes twice

I make them three, four or five times just to be sure. 


Poor Kronos

It’s a pity Kronos wasn’t a better Dad. 

Just imagine all the Titanic jokes he could have told his kids. 

Jokes of Titanic proportion 

I’m very handsome at night or whenever it’s particularly dark


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